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Pain Testimonials for Tree of Life Acupuncture 
For an appointment or consultations call 212-533-1192 
Please find below acupuncture patient testimonials and reviews for immune system  & sciatica, back pain, headache and many other pain related conditions that were improved and relieved.  Many patients at our clinic were set pain free and improved their quality of life and dependence on medications. 

acupuncture testimonials
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My daughter spoke about acupuncture for several months, since I've been suffering with arthritis pain. Well, after lots of pushing I decided to see Mark M. He was great! My first day was a total relief of my leg pain and headache. I will encourage anyone to give acupuncture a try. It beats taking drugs every day, knowing the drugs really take care of the symptom not the actual problem. I'm doing very well now. I had so much pain in the past and now, I can function and be well in my everyday life. Thank you Mark for being patient and wonderful to me and my daughter. Sincerely,  Marie-Claire, RN from New York City

Foot, Back Pain & Headache.

Hi Mark,
Juan & I are very grateful for Acupuncture work that you performed today. I only hope that other people that are in his pain level are able to realize that acupuncture is very good remedy for treating such painful ailments which caused him so much pain and discomfort.
       Even his disposition changed for the better since he got rid of the pain. He walked into your office limping so slowly and then left your office walking normal again and with zest and pain free!
I am glad that you were able to help him so quickly with his headache and heel spur pain.  Thanks so much, and we shall see you on Sunday for his next treatment.
 M. and J. M. /  New York Office Manager.
TMJ Pain
I was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and was suffering through episodes for weeks of painful migraines and severe headaches. It prevented me from working because other symptoms, such as, neck, shoulders and sharp ear pain also risen. I was taking pain medicine which did not help, the pain persisted. Then I went to Tree of Life Acupuncture and after one session my pain level was reduced over 70%. I was given tips and advise on how to continue my treatment when I got home to reduce pain. By the end of the next day, the pain was gone. Therefore, I want to recommend Mark Moshchinsky’s acupuncture treatment to all, because his expertise, guidance and care saved me from extreme suffering.
With much appreciation and relief.

Veronica F., Designer from Brooklyn.
Chronic pain & immune system
I was under Acupuncture care of Dr. Mark Moshchinsky for almost a year.
Initially received treatments for my neck and shoulder pain. After getting good results, I improved discomfort and pain in my jaw, low back, trigger points, spastic muscles, immune system, stress and post operative pain.

As additional benefit of my pain treatments many other conditions improved as well.
I was able to get off antidepressant medication, as well as perform better my job duties and not miss a single day of work ever since. (Before, I would often call in sick).

Many of my chronic symptoms improved over time a great deal.
I highly recommend Acupuncture therapy to anyone who wants to improve their pains and health in general.
J.S.  Office Operations Coordinator from  Manhattan, NY 
TMJ Migraines Headaches.
Thanks to you I am living free of pain. I came to you suffering from a trigeminal neuralgia for several years and taking high dose of medication but nothing was working out for me.  My only option, for my condition was to undergo brain surgery. I was scared and decided to try acupuncture and that is when I found you on the Internet.

On the first visit I noticed a 90% pain relief, one month later I started lowering my medication, and two months later I was Free of medicine, Free of pain, and very happy I had found you. Mark, you gave me quality of my life back ."   
Dora A.  P.
  from New Jersey
Acupuncture / Homeopathy Acne Treatment
Never a believer in acupuncture until Mark helped me on my acne problem! I had whiteheads grew all over my forehead and my cheeks and they itched so badly that no acne cream helped (tried those with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide). Mark combined acupuncture with homeopathy to get my problems fixed. The redness on my face reduced by 80% and the itches went away by 70% after the first treatment. I will be returning for follow up treatments.
V.L    Brooklyn, New York.

Sinus and Allergies
In only a couple of Acupuncture sessions, I have experienced a complete turnaround. After months of suffering from allergies, after trying dozens of different medications and different doctors, I found Acupuncture.      
        During my very first session, I felt a change-I could breathe, I didn't have a severe sinus headache any longer and I had energy for the first time in months.
        My only regret is that I did not come to Mark earlier. I am recommending Mark to family, friends and co-workers, because I feel so strongly about the treatment and results. The sessions have been truly life altering.  
Kristen, L.     Brooklyn, NY
Wrist Pain.
I came to you for back pain and in addition avoided a wrist surgery scheduled 10 days away from my first visit.
Thanks.   A.K.
 from  NYC
When the body is Pain free, so is the Mind, Pain free and vice versa.


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