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Acupuncture for ED and male Infertility. Treatments for Sterility & Erectile Dysfunction. Acupuncture helps Low Sperm Count, Motility and Morphology as well as, ED or aka Low Libido or Sex Drive). 
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acupuncture for sterility & infertility, ed
acupuncture for infertility

"Hi Mark:        
     ...... for the first time in two years F......'s sperm count was above normal.  Thanks to your acupuncture" .  
S. From Green Point Brooklyn, New York.

Did you know, male infertility contributes up to 50% of all infertility cases? An estimated 10% of men are infertile, according to many researchers. 

The average male sperm count has dropped 45% over the last few generations. This was caused  environmental pollution, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and some prescription or recreational drugs.

There are 3 major factors for male fertility:

1. Sperm Count (40 and up million). Man needs to have a healthy sperm count in order for conception to be successful. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can increase the sperm count. Takes approximately 2-3 months of treatments.

2. Motility (Ability to move or swim in a straight line).  Without proper motility/ability to move, the sperm may not reach the proper area and conception may not happen because of it. Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture can address it.

3. Morphology (Shape and size of the sperm).Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs help Sperm Count, Motility and Morphology by strengthening and revitalizing the Kidneys and other internal organs, reducing stress and promoting blood and energy circulation to reproductive organs.                

It takes about 70 days to generate new sperm in men.

***We see an increase in males seeking Acupuncture fertility treatments in our clinic, as more men are sharing reproductive responsibility and are willing to help their partners.***

male reproductive system
acupuncture for enlarged prostate sterility

Impotence /  Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Low Libido   Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treat impotence and strengthen virility (enhance libido in women & men). It is vital to strengthen the function of the Kidneys and overall  Body energy for reproductive health. Acupuncture also reduces stress and depression to further facilitate the recovery and regain vigor.

Enlarged Prostate - A  prostate enlargement may be the most common health problem in men older than 60 years. The prostate gland is most likely to start enlarging around the age of 40.

 Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs can reduce the prostate inflammation, improve urinary flow and functions as well as virility by powerfully stimulating reproductive and immune system. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can reduce your PSA

Testicular Pain - swollen or painful testicle (testicles) are signs of blocked energy, mostly of the Liver. What Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine focus on for this condition is to regulate the flow of energy to the pelvic region. Acupuncture can   reduce the swelling and reduce or eliminate the pain. 
Painful Urination - Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can effectively promote pain free urinary function by stimulating circulation of energy, reducing heat (infection). More is coming ...
Chinese Herbs can greatly enhance Men's reproductive health by notifying the Kidneys and the immune system, strengthening virility,  and providing Blood and Energy (Qi) circulation to reproductive organs.
Homeopathy and Acupuncture increase men's Libido (sex drive) as well as energize reproductive organs, boost confidence  longevity and emotional well being. 

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