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Acupuncture may help Ovarian Cyst and Fibroid  by reducing pain, improving circulation to the pelvic and ovarian region
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acupuncture for fibroid

Uterine fibroid is a non-cancerous tumor that develops within or attach to the wall of the uterus. Fibroid tumors are benign tumors of the smooth muscle of the uterine wall and are common in younger women. A newly diagnosed fibroid tumor in a post menopausal woman should be an alarm signal and should be verified surgically

Ovarian Cysts are ovarian enlargements that are filled with fluid. They can be a simple fluid or contain complex internal structures. The term cyst is used to differentiate them from solid enlargements. Simple cysts are of less concern than those with complex structures or solid components. A sonogram or ultrasound test can determine if a cyst is simple or complex.

Ovarian cysts are frequently encountered. Every menstruating woman develops an ovarian cyst each cycle. The menstrual cycle requires the coordinated functioning of the pituitary gland, ovary, uterus and the cervix. The pituitary gland (located in the head) produces the hormones, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). When these hormones in the blood stream are the messengers that tell the ovary what to do.

The ovary responds to FSH by maturing an egg. The ovary  releases the hormone estrogen. The maturing egg is in a follicle cyst that grows in diameter. When the pituitary releases LH the follicle breaks and the egg floats out and enters the tube. The remnant of the follicle cyst is called the corpus luteum and makes the hormone progesterone.

Sometimes the ovary does not ovulate and the follicle cyst persists. It will continue to enlarge and can become as big as a baseball. Women on  a birth control pill should not develop functional cysts. The birth control pill is supposed to suppress ovulation, although some women ovulate on the pill as well.

Chinese Medicine views an ovarian cyst or fibroid as energetic blockage that impairs smooth circulation of energy / Qi. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs try to reduce and eliminate this ovarian cyst or fibroid by breaking up the blood stasis to secure the flow of blood, fluids and energy.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can shrink or eliminate  Fibroid and Cyst blockages thus enhancing woman's reproductive health/fertility and increasing chances of successful pregnancy.
It is always wise to contact your OB/GYN

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