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Acupuncture Back Pain Treatments in NYC 
  32 Union Square East, Suite #804, New York, NY 10003 
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Acupuncture treatments for low back pain and sciatica are the most common pain sessions in our clinic. Acupuncture can effectively help acute and chronic back pain and many other pain related issues naturally. New Yorkers often suffer from back pain due to long work hours on a computer with bad posture or carrying heavy bags over their shoulders. 

Our acupuncture patients enjoys about 80% success rate for back pain and other painful conditions.  Often pain can be reduced on the 1st visit and in some cases it takes up to 6 visits. I often see clients in my acupuncture clinic with very strong, chronic or acute pains, sometimes, almost emergency room type.  In chronic or very acute painful cases, I use specific protocols and methods to successfully reduce the pain and restore health, in many cases within minutes (results vary) and in some within six visits.  
Acupuncture helps lower and upper back pain or any other pain anywhere, including shooting and radiating neurological pains like sciatica. At times pain can feel like tingling or burning. The good part is that acupuncture can treat neurological conditions as well. Each Acupuncture session builds on the previous one. 

"Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me with your Acupuncture cessions. I thank God for leading me to this practice. My chronic tension headaches seized, lower back pain decreased and migraine is much better, the facial pain stopped, and I felt more energized.  Once again, thank you for helping me feel better.  Good Luck.!"  
C. T.  from NYC

Tree of Life Acupuncture back pain treatment methods often reduce pain while the patient is relaxing on the table, before the session is over. (results vary) Acupuncture back pain treatments reduce stress and suffering associated with pain. Acupuncture makes you feel and look younger allowing pain free, greater range of motion and allowing clients to do things they have not done in a long time.

Acupuncture Low Back Pain treatments usually associated in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with the Bladder and Kidney meridians (energy flow).   Acupuncture for Back Pain is perhaps one of the most common conditions being treated with Acupuncture. Back pain limits range of motion and complicates daily activities such as sleeping and sitting in a chair. Some back pain is accompanied by tingling and burning and acupuncture treatments are successful for those conditions as well.
Acupuncture for Sports Injuries, acute and chronic pain.
Sometimes special forms of Chinese Medicine like needle pricking is used to improve the flow of energy in the injured muscle to enhance circulation of blood and Qi (energy). Cupping and Moxa (heat therapy) can also be used to further improve and expedite the recovery process.

In recent Acupuncture Back Pain studies patients were helped to successfuly recover better than drugs with greater range of motion and increased quality of Life. Weather you have recent back pain or chronic (for 10 or even 20 years), Acupuncture may still successfully and effectively reduce your chronic or acute back pain in a reasonable time without surgery (consult your medical Doctor) so you can resume your daily and sports activity pain free, have a normal sleep and avoid or get off toxic pain medications or steroids. 
Back Pain Acupuncture treatments is one of the most frequent causes of pain in our clinic. Kidneys & Urinary Bladder (and its energetic pathways) in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, control low back. So chronic low back pain is usually due to kidney energy deficiency. 

Acupuncture reduces back pain by clearing the energetic pathways in the low back. As Acupuncture meridians get cleared, enhanced circulation takes place and low back pain is reduced. As circulation improves and pain reduces, range of motion improves as well.

Acupuncture  Low Back Pain treatments usually focus on Urinary Bladder Acupuncture Channel.  This Acupuncture meridian runs along the entire spine and low back and the buttocks, all the way to the back of ankles. Opening this Acupuncture meridian facilitates the flow of energy in the back, neck and usually reduces low back pain, neck pain, even occipital (back of the neck) headaches.

Acupuncture Pain Treatments at our Union Square office often reduce Sciatic Pain or Upper Back Pain with only a few acupuncture needle in a few minutes, using unique Master Tung's Family Acupuncture Style. (Some cases require longer time for healing).
Acupuncture reduces inflammation and circulates energy in low back or any painful limb or any region of your body. Post Operative Surgical Pain greatly responds to Acupuncture and reduces the intake of pain killers. 
Acupuncture works for chronic or acute Pain at any stage or intensity. Our clinic can offer an effective solution to your health related goals.  Pain management and Stress is one of our specialties and yes we treat a lot of  Back Pain. 

Acupuncture is a complete  healing system helping your body to work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, all at the same time. Acupuncture is a great alternative to harmful  painkillers and drugs.
What makes Acupuncture so great is that it is non invasive method that not only heals person's energy and internal organs, but at the same time greatly reduces emotional and physical stress making pursuit of optimal health more safe, comfortable and relaxing. 
Our  clinic uses many unique Acupuncture styles to best address multiple and complicated problems of a modern patient. We use almost exclusively Master Tung's Acupuncture Family System  which is known for powerful results with few acupuncture  needles as  well as Scalp Acupuncture for its powerful stress reducing properties as well as endocrine system enhancing effects.
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can reduce symptoms of hard to cure conditions. From simple neck, low or upper back and shoulder pain.  
In many cases, especially in acute problems (up to 3 months)  muscle pain can be relieved from 30 seconds to 5 minutes upon proper selection and insertion of the Acupuncture needle, even in chronic cases of pain, Acupuncture is able to relieve the pain before the end of a single visit in most instances. (Every case is different and no guarantees, nor promises are made.) However there are many chronic conditions that require 3-6 visits to feel pain relieve.
Many of our clients improved their health, reduced pain and strengthened their immune system and quality of life.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a powerful tool for unlocking infinite possibilities to a better health !
Acupuncture for Pain & Painful Conditions  - Pain in Chinese Medicine is usually associated with blockages of energy and (or) blood in one or several  Acupuncture meridians or channels. 
Acupuncture Pain treatments are well known to be very effective for any kind of pain, especially: Sciatica and Upper or Low Back Pain, Neuralgia, Shoulder and Knee Pain, Migraine Headache and many more. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine also treat injuries, as well as, TMJ and many types of chronic and acute and many other types of injuries.
Scalp Acupuncture in our  office can be beneficial for such diseases as: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's (or any shaking disorder), Stress, Stroke and Spinal Cord Injuries.   We use two styles of Scalp Acupuncture in our office for better results: Yamomoto New Scalp Acupuncture and Chinese Scalp Acupuncture. 
Acupuncture is often used for sports injuries, pains or sprains. Active sports participants and athletes use Acupuncture to improve their performance, reduce injuries and get back on track. 

Acupuncture works for Postoperative Pain
Pain recovery after surgery is most overlooked Acupuncture benefit. Acupuncture can reduce usage of pain medications and greatly expedite the recovery. Patient can greatly reduce the discomfort and pain associated with postoperative pain discomfort, nausea and psychological stress. Acupuncture along with Homeopathy and Chinese Herbs can make a very smooth transition. 

Brain & Nervous System Disorders  Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease  (in Chinese Medicine Parkinson's is related to the Liver Disorder and may respond well to Scalp Acupuncture) can all be treated with Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture and special points of Dr. Tung's Acupuncture. 

TMJ- Temporomandibular joint pains come from tension and blockages of energy in the Liver & Gallbladder energy as lateral parts of the body belong to such. Difficulty opening once jaw, limited range of motion and pain are all the symptoms of TMJ. We have seen clients who could only eat liquids, because of the pain and inability to open the mouth wide enough to consume solid food. Acupuncture is fast and effective method to restore TMJ to a working balance.  

Sciatica - in most cases is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Most often sciatica will be along the midsection of the back of the leg. Sciatic pain  can also radiate, shoot, burn  or travel from low back and all the way down to the toe area.   Acupuncture is very useful for the treatment of sciatica and we sure see a good number of successful outcomes in our clinic.*Click for more on Acupuncture for Sciatic pain*   

Herpes Zoster or Shingles Pain An estimated 25% of all adult Americas have genital herpes. Acupuncture can successfully help reduce Herpes or Shingles pains by reducing the pain, promoting the circulation of energy to the painful area and reducing the inflammation. Acupuncture can reduce discomfort of genital and oral herpes out breaks and itching. In  severe cases we also add Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy for longer lasting pain relief.

Gastrointestinal and Digestive Disorders are treatable with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. IBS, constipation or diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease, Constipation / Diarrhea, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Stomach Pains etc. 
Pediatric Conditions like Bed Wetting, Allergies, Headaches, Ear Aches and Asthma also respond well to Acupuncture treatments. (Heat or Laser Acupuncture can be substituted for needles). 
Many of our clients avoided toxic pain drugs, reduced pain and surgeries as well as greatly improved quality of life. 
Master Tung's family style Acupuncture at our office has helped numerous patients to improve quality of life, reduce and eliminate low back pain, neck pain and sciatica. 
Pains like: Sciatica, neck and back pain as well as sports injuries, headaches and stress respond in a favorable way to our acupuncture methods. In some cases certain pains can be relieved within minutes. Results vary and depend on personal levels of energy and complexity and duration of the condition.

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